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GenXers: Seeking a more balanced life?

So are we.

So many of us are entering that next phase of our lives. We’ve raised our kids, established careers and have been working our butts off since our teen years. We crave retirement, yet we know we cannot quite do that yet, so instead, we are trying to find that sweet balance between work and play while also staying sane.

We aren’t alone.

Here’s what we’ve come to realize. We aren’t the only ones dealing with this. Our age group is now in our 40s and 50s. We’ve experienced the loss of loved ones along the way and, as such, we are acutely aware of our own mortality. This has spurred us to live life to the fullest now … whatever that means to you.

As we talk to others, what Tess and I have noticed is how many of us are getting lost in the navigation piece during this time of our lives. So the question becomes:

What to do about it?

That question is why we have decided to publish this website and put our own stories out there. We want to share our journey of trying to find a more fulfilling and enjoyable life “beyond the grind” and more importantly, share the stories of others who have successfully navigated these waters and are living their best lives. 

Hopefully, it will inspire you, as it has us. – Jason


Jason & Tess Wittler

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